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Permaculture: the Growing Edge

-- an antidote to environmental despair, a hopeful and practical look at a path to a viable, flourishing future.

The download version will shortly be available for $9.95 -- however, you must have a fast, stable broadband connection.

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Signs Out of Time

The Story of Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas
A documentary by Donna Read and Starhawk
Narrated by Olympia Dukakis
With traditional Lithuanian folk songs and original music by Stellamara

Signs Out of Time examines Lithuanian archaeologist and linguist Dr. Marija Gimbutas' life work; her theories about an an age when
humans lived peacefully, in harmony with nature and each other. The new DVD release through Alive Mind has been re-encoded at a higher quality and now includes menus and chapters.

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Also Available: Women & Spirituality trilogy
Now as a Download or a DVD

Best-Selling 3-part Film Series on Feminine Spirituality
FIRST TIME ON DVD! You can now order the box set of these films by Donna Read.

Alive Mind's first feature release is Donna Read's classic trilogy Women & Spirituality, which explores the power of the sacred feminine in mythological, historical and cultural contexts. Never before available on DVD, it is a stunning and poetic work comprised of three one-hour films: "Goddess Remembered", "The Burning Time"s and "Full Circle". This multi-award winner is the definitive series on feminine spirituality.

TO ORDER DVD VERSION: Click on the image to the left and earn a $3.00 royalty for Belili Productions!

TO DOWNLOAD: Visit the download page at Alive Mind Media to download one episode at a time, or all three. They also have clips for the iPad, iPod and other mobile devices!

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