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Meg Conkey and Ruth Tringham -- interviewed for the Signs out of Time project

Ruth Margaret Tringham is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Born in Bedfordshire, England, she attended the University of Edinburgh where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Department of Archaeology. Prior to her arrival at Berkeley, she taught at London’s University College and at Harvard University. She is an accomplished researcher, well known for her work on the Neolithic of Eastern Europe, and the author of numerous publications covering a wide range of archaeological topics. The titles of a few of her published works include Archaeology and the Goddess: Exploring the Contours of Feminist Archaeology (with Margaret W. Conkey); Men and Women in Prehistoric Architecture; Households with Faces: The Challenge of Gender in Prehistoric Architectural Remains; Selevac: A Neolithic Village in Yugoslavia (with Dusan Krstic); Man, Settlement and Urbanism (with Peter Ucko and G.W. Dimbleby); and Hunters, Fishers and Farmers of Eastern Europe, 6000-3000 B.C..

Margaret is best known for her work at the Neolithic settlements of Selevac (1976-1979) and Opovo (1983-1989) in Yugoslavia, at the Eneolithic tell settlement of Podgoritsa in Bulgaria (1995), and at the well-known site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey (1997), which some have argued represents humankind’s first “town” (she thinks otherwise). She is the Director of the BACH (Berkeley Archaeologists at Çatalhöyük). During the course of her career, Margaret has directed much of her attention toward the archaeological study of households and the identification of gender in the archaeological record. It is her philosophy that archaeology is both an interpretive discipline and a performance art. In recent years, she has helped pioneer a multimedia approach to recording, teaching, and “performing” archaeology. She is a recipient of the 1998-2000 Presidential Chair in Undergraduate Education (UCB), and a 2001 recipient of the Chancellor’s Educational Initiatives Award (with Meg Conkey and Rosemary Joyce) for Educational Multimedia Development for her pioneering efforts in multimedia. Her interest in multimedia presentation of archaeological research to her colleagues and the public led to the founding of the Multimedia Authoring Center for the Teaching of Anthropology (MACTiA) laboratory at Berkeley. For more information on her work at Çatalhöyük and other projects check out the MACTiA web page at UCB or the MACTiA blog pages.

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