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by author/activist Starhawk 
and filmmaker Donna Read
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September 18, 3:00PM Fowler Museum, UCLA download flyer

October 10, 6:30-9:30 PM Seattle, Washington
Women of Wisdom, as part of their Fall Festival, presents 
a special screening of Signs Out of Time.  Featuring live 
music, introductory talk by filmmakers Donna Read and 
Starhawk,  panel discussion of the film, and artwork of 
Marija Gimbutas by Rose Wognum Frances.

Location: Sand Point Magnuson Park, Recreation Center Theater
$15 WOW members, $18 general public For info and tickets
Or mail your check to:
Women of Wisdom
PO Box 30043

Seattle WA 98113

Octover 24, 2:00-6:00 PM Naropa University Boulder, Colorado
"Peace is Our Birthright," with Starhawk and Donna Read.
"Civilization has always had war and violence," most 
historians tell us.  But history is only the written record, 
and war a relatively recent invention.  What came before, 
in the many thousands of years of earliest human culture?  
Join author and activist Starhawk and filmmaker Donna 
Read for a special screening of their new film Signs Out 
of Time, about the life and impact of archaeologist Marija 
Gimbutas.  Dr. Gimbutas found evidence that the earliest 
cultures of Old Europe were egalitarian, Goddess-centered, 
and peaceful, leaving art instead of weapons.  Signs will be 
followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.  Then, bring 
it into your bones as Starhawk leads a ritual to invoke our 
birthright of interconnection and cooperation, our visions of 
a peaceful future, and our commitment to bring it into being.


Naropa University Extended Studies

November 18th Montreal

November 22nd Toronto, Ontario at the Isobel Baden Theatre

March 8th 2005 - Montclair N. J., Montclair Art Museum 
                            for International Women's Day.

More praise for
Signs Out of Time:

I got the film today and watched it immediately. It's fabulous, just perfectly done, I'm so proud of you both. It looks good, sounds good, it's professional and "measured," it's well executed, it makes sense out of what has been confusing to so many people. It's glorious. Well done!

-- Vicki Noble

Congratulation again on a MARVELOUS ENRICHING movie about M.G.!!! I was so glad to have seen it in the company of all those women. The whole event was specatcular and absolute food for the soul.

-- Cristina Biaggi

How wonderful! Your film is so compelling, such a creative version of Marija's ideas, so visually rich and exciting, so accessible. I was thrilled to see footage of Marija and hear in her own words what she found.

-- Brian Tokar, Vermont

I liked the connection you make 
with the digs, the artifacts, and 
the language of the goddess. I 
know your video will popularize 
Marija's startling revolution about 
our earliest cultures. 

-- Jane Lorry, California

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