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Donna Read

Producer ~ Director ~ Editor




1993-Present Great Atlantic and Pacific Film Co. (Canada),

Belili Productions (U.S.A.)


    • Temagami/52min./DV/Beta SP. Doc. This program has been shown on TV Ontario and Vision TV, presented at conferences and schools around the U.S. and Canada.
    • Signs out of Time/58min./16mmfilm/Doc/Biography. Biography of Marija Gimbutas    
    • Earth Activist Training Videos - Series                                            
    • Kureleck- a one hour film on the Canadian painter William Kurelek.
    • Growing Resistance ­ the Green Bloc/Doc/In Production.
    • Moments of Grace ­ experimental based on the writings of Thomas Berry/ Research and Development.
    • Palestine Dispatch ­ a look at the women's peace movement in Israel and the Palestinian Territories/ editing


1981-1990      National Film Board of Canada


    • It's Just Better/52min. /16mm. Drama
    • The Way It is/27min./16mm. Doc. Editor
    • Too Dirty For A Woman 27min./16mm. Doc. Editor/Associate Director
    • Behind The Veil: Nuns/120 min/16mm. Doc. Best Editing award,
    • Toronto International Film Festival 1982.
    • Adam's World/20min./16mm Experimental. Director/Editor chosen to open the 1991 U.N. Global Conference on the Environmental Impact of PCB's.            
    • Goddess Remembered/ 58 min Part One of Women and Spirituality
    • The Burning Times/58 min.       Part Two of Women and Spirituality
    • Full Circle/58 min./ director/writer and editor on this                 
    • series. The Women and Spirituality Trilogy has won eight
    • awards including the Cable Ace award for best long documentary, voted most popular film at the Toronto Festival of Festivals, Vancouver
    • Film Festival, and a Blue Ribbon award from the Chicago Film Festival.
    • Stolen Moments/35mm/120min./I was the editor and associate director filling in for an absentee director. Shown theatrically across the U.S. and Canada. Limited audience due to sexual subject matter. 
    • Creatures of the Sun/35mm/ 15min. Editor, and associate director/producer for the National Film Board.
    • Anatomy of Desire/beta SP/58min. Editor, Associate Director/Producer. Juno award for best editing.
    • Spudwrench/35mm. 55min. Editor.


1973-1975              Great Atlantic and Pacific Film Co.


    • Mask and Drum/57min. 35mm Docu/Drama an unusual look at Inuit art. This film has shown in museums, theatres and galleries all across the United States, Canada and Europe and has garnered a number of awards, including first prize at the London International Film Festival, (l975); with Steuben Glass in New York.
    • Kripalu/57min. 16mm documentary on the 'guru' phenomena of the 70's. This film has been widely shown in the U.S. on public television and the educational market.
    • Wintersong/10min./35mm. Experimental. Editor.


1969-1972            National Film Board of Canada


    • Act of the Heart/120min/35mm Feature Film. Assistant editor/ Production Office Manager. Editor/Associate Producer. November has won many awards for cinematography and editing.
    • Perception/20min. 35mm Experimental. Editor/Co-producer.
    • TalentContest/45min.16mm Docu/Drama. Editor and Co-Producer.    
    • Our Dear Sisters/15min.16mm Experimental. Editor.
    • Just A Minute ­ 60min. Editor.
    • Supervising Editor and Producer for Studio D.














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