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Filmmaker Donna Read and writer Starhawk formed Belili Productions after they completed their award-winning series on Women and Spirituality, produced by the National Film Board of Canada. (Goddess Remembered, The Burning Times, and Full Circle) Sharing a similar vision, they both wanted to continue their work together in making movies that raise consciousness about issues affecting women and the earth.

In 2004, they completed a documentary on the life and work of Marija Gimbutas. Signs Out of Time was the result. A labor of love, especially after the death of Dr. Gimbutas in February 1994, this project was made possible by the contributions of time and money given by hundreds of individuals who believed in the importance of this documentary.

They went on to make a documentary and a number of short films on permaculture, a system of ecological design that poses hopeful solutions to our ecological crisis. Permaculture: The Growing Edge will be released in November, 2010.

Donna and Starhawk continue to enjoy a long-lasting friendship and delight in working together. They plan to continue to develop media resources for permaculture and environmental education, using the rich stores of footage in their archives.

Belili Productions on YouTube:

Permaculture videos:

"Permaculture Principles at Work"

An introduction to permaculture principles, featuring the work of Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Artisans and Earth Activist Training.

YouTube-The short version features one of Erik Ohlsen's projects.

A longer version of the above, featuring two amazing projects, can be found at:
.....as well as the Tabor Tilth video below.
"Tabor Tilth: Permaculture in the City"

Connie Van Dyke's inspirational urban garden in Portland, Oregon.
"Inner City Permaculture"

Transforming an inner city community garden in Bayview Hunters Point, Earth Activist Training and Hunters Point Family join forces for food justice.

Rituals -- a video that gives a taste of Reclaiming's spectacular annual Samhain/Halloween celebration.:

"Reclaiming's Spiral Dance: Three Decades of Magic"


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